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Window Handles

A window handle is a short length of material that attaches to a window in order to aid rotation of the hinge and therefore opening and closing of the window. There are many different forms of handles depending on your interest in style and affordability.

Aluminium Window Handle Benefits:

Aluminium window handles are resistant to moisture, temperature changes or mechanical damage, which makes it a reliable product that does not require a lot of maintenance like wooden handles. The strength of aluminium handles allows you to realize even the boldest visions and architectural dreams that you have for your home or office space.

If you have large windows, they require a larger and more durable window handle, and therefore aluminium window handles are always everyone's first option. Another advantage is that all aluminium window handles are a trend right now and more of today's luxury homes make use of them. Aluminium window handle systems come in many different configuration systems. Aluminium windows can be equipped with additional components increasing safety for your home or office. 

Certified fittings differ from ordinary fittings:

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C/o Ferrus and Platinum Streets, Ekandustria, Bronkhorstspruit