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Door Handles

A handle is used to open or close a door. It can be a few different shapes and sizes and can vary in colour.Sometimes, it means the same thing as doorknob, a part that sticks out of the door and has a rounded end.

Both door handles and doorknobs help control the opening and/or closing of doors. The key differences between the two will depend on the shape, convenience, and the home's overall style. Door handles look like levers while doorknobs have more of a round shape. Door handles require less effort when opening compared with doorknobs.

There are a few main types of door handles:

1. Pull Handles

A pull handle allows you to open, close, or lift a door or object through a pulling motion. They are usually arched in shape to allow for more grip. A simple example is a refrigerator handle.

2. Twist Handles

A mechanism that is operated by using a twisting action or motion. These handles require rotating your hand to turn the object it is attached to.The locking mechanism will vary from one industry to another. This is the most used door handle design.

3. Lever Handles

Lever handles or door levers are ideal for heavy-duty and industrial doors. This handle features an arm that disengages a locking mechanism when it is raised or lowered.

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C/o Ferrus and Platinum Streets, Ekandustria, Bronkhorstspruit